Goverment Issued Photo Identification Information

(Your government-issued ID must match the identification presented in our system. We cannot issue shortened, abbreviated, or nicknames on the ID. In order for you to change your name presented on your government issued ID, please see the Registrar's Office.)

The following ID's are ACCEPTED:

  • Current Domestic Photo Driver's License
  • Current Passport (domestic or foreign)
  • Current State or County issued Photo ID
  • Current US Military/Armed Forces ID
  • Current US Resident Alien Card (Green Card)

The following ID's are NOT ACCEPTED

  • Employment ID, including previous RUconnection card
  • Costco, Bank or Credit Cards, even with photo
  • High School, or other University ID Card
  • Paychecks, Utility Bills, etc.

If a government photo identification is not avalible, he/she must present BOTH of the following:

  • Original Birth Certificate with raised seal
  • Original Social Security Card with signature

    Copies will not be accepted

We do not issue temporary ID Cards.

RUconnection cards are not mailed and must be picked up at the Photo ID Window on the 3rd Floor of Blumenthal Hall or at another location.

The is no charge for an RUconnection Card issued for the first time.