Lost/Stolen RU ID Policy

Lost or Stolen Cards

Cardholder must be a registered student, active employee or guest to pick up your lost RU ID card, or to have it reissued or replaced.

It is advisable to suspend your RU ID card so that no one else can access your accounts or services. You can do so by sending an email to iam@ipo.rutgers.edu from your Rutgers email account.  Please note that this action is permanent, and that you will have to pay the replacement fee to have a new RU ID card issued, even if you should later find your RU ID card. Suspended RU ID cards can not be reactivated for any reason.

Be sure to also notify University Libraries at one of the circulation desks so that borrowing privileges associated with the barcode on the lost or stolen RU ID card can be suspended. In the event that you have a meal plan and raider dollars, you will need to reach out to Dining Services, during business hours.  They can be reached by phone 973.353.1274 or email dining.services@newark.rtugers.edu .

To regain your building access you must contact the individual access control coordinators for different facilities and areas you had access to.  For a list of access control coordinators, please visit http://pst.rutgers.edu/bldgcoord.php and scroll down to RU Newark Buildings.

Next, be sure to check your RU-N email. A notification will be sent to your official university email account if your RU ID card is found and returned to Newark RU ID Card Service Center.  

There is a $20 replacement fee for all lost, stolen, or intentionally damaged RU ID cards.

If You Find a Lost RU ID card

Return it to the Newark RU ID Card Service Center by mail or to Public Safety, 200 University Avenue, Newark, NJ 07102. You may mail the RU ID card to:

                                                Blumenthal Hall-3rd Floor, RU ID Service Center

                                                         249 University Avenue

                                                             Newark, NJ 07102

The RU ID service center at Newark, NJ can also be reached at  (973) 353-3760.

To pay for a lost RU ID card click here.

Online Photo Submission

Damaged RU ID Cards

RU ID cards which are worn or damaged due to normal use are reprinted and replaced free of charge upon the presentation of all pieces of the old RU ID card. Assessment of damage will be at the sole discretion of the RU ID service center. If damage appears intentional, or if not all pieces are surrendered, a $20.00 replacement fee will apply.

Punching of holes (for lanyard, keychain, etc.) on the RU ID card is strictly prohibited. The reissuing of such RU ID cards is subject to the $20.00 replacement fee.

Name/Status Change

Your RU ID card will be reissued due to a legal name change at no charge. You must return the former RU ID card in exchange for an updated one.  Please contact the RU ID service center during our operating hours. The data change must be updated in The Registrar's or payroll system at the time of issuance. All replacement RU ID cards are issued with existing system data and photos.

Please note: A legal name change processed at the Registrar's Office takes up to 48 hours to take effect.  RU ID service centers cannot manually change the name in the RU ID system. 

RU ID Card Replacement with Fee Payment

Contact Newark RU ID Service Center to request a replacement RU ID card and pay $20.00 RU ID card replacement fee by credit card - Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards only. 

Important Disclaimers - Please Read

All RU ID cards are official government-issued identification cards and remain the property of Rutgers University, regardless of any replacement fees paid. Rutgers University reserves the right to confiscate and destroy all inactive RU ID cards.

The type of RU ID card issued is dependent on your primary role at the university. You are permitted to have only one active RU ID card at any time.

All previously issued RU ID cards will be rendered inactive and will not be reactivated under any circumstances. Reissuing lost replacement RU ID cards requires the payment of additional replacement fees.

RU ID cards are non-transferable, and remain the property of Rutgers University regardless of any replacement fees paid. We reserve the right to confiscate and destroy all fraudulently used or inactive RU ID cards. Reactivation or reissue of confiscated RU ID cards are subject to the current RU ID card replacement fee. You may also be subject to institutional sanctions or criminal penalties.

Falsifying information in order to obtain a RU ID card is identity fraud and may subject you to prosecution to the full extent of the law.