Tuition and Fees


After registering for courses, Rutgers University issues an online term bill each semester, which includes all tuition and fees. This balance must be paid prior to the term bill due date.

For the fall semester, bills are generated in mid-July after rates are approved by the Board of Governors.  For the spring semester, bills are generated in mid-November.

Paying Tuition to Complete Your Registration

In order to complete the enrollment process, all students must do one of the following, prior to the term bill due date listed on your online account statement:

Registering Late?

Students who register after the first term bill due date but before the first day of class are given approximately two weeks from the day they register to pay. Continuing students (including graduate students) who register on or after the first day of class are expected to pay their term bills on the day they register.

Responsibility of the Student

All account balances not paid in full when due is the sole responsibility of the student and this extends to all costs incurred by the University to collect such debt. This may include, but is not limited to, late fees, collections costs, litigation/attorney fees, and court costs.